Cross-border water rendez-vous Meuse Region

Location: ECI Roermond
From 9.30 AM till 4.30 PM

Preliminary idea of the networking day – May 12th 2022

What: International network event stimulating cross-border collaboration on climate adaptation in the Meuse region.

Who: Policy officers, political administrators and other relevant stakeholders from the Meuse Region.

Aim: Strengthen relationships in order to enhance cross-border cooperation in the Meuse region.

How: Share insights about current developments, successes and best practices on climate adaptation at an (inter)regional level.

To make the most of the informal character and the opportunity to network, a very open set-up of the day is being worked on, with plenty of free space for to meet with each other.


  • Governance practices during floods;
  • Water & soil quality in relation to a changing climate;
  • Shared action and participation;
  • Floods and droughts in a changing climate;
  • MICCA initiative.