The year 2022 heralds a new phase for water management in our border region in several respects. Think of the new period for the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Flood Risk Directive. In addition, the International Meuse Commission (IMC) is working on a plan of approach for Extremely Low Water. The EU is introducing the Climate Adaptation Strategy. All much needed, considering the impact of severe flooding this summer, and droughts in previous years.

Therefore, our ambassadors together with the Dutch cooperating partners in the Meuse River Basin warmly invite you to attend a Live cross-border waters networking event on the 12th of May 2022. The focus is primarily on climate adaptation in the cross-border tributaries of the Meuse. We invite our German, Belgian, French and Dutch colleagues to (re)acquaint with each other and recognise and acknowledge each other’s tasks, strengths and working methods. By doing so, strengthen cross-border cooperation in an organic and natural way.

To keep the attention, a short digital preview of the rendezvous was held October 14th 2021. In this preview, a film was shown with messages from some ambassadors of this rendez-vous alongside drone images of the Meuse and its tributaries. Two of our ambassadors, Patrick van der Broeck and Heide Jekel, contributed to a fruitful panel discussion. Furthermore, topics for the live networking day were scoped and discussed during breakout sessions.