We are running two rounds of five different workshops during the Meuse rendez-vous. The workshops will be in smaller groups and interactive. You have the possibility to sign up for two of the five workshops below:

A. Governance practices during floods

In this workshop we zoom in on cross-border governance with the case study of last summer’s floods.We are interested to learn which governance practices were successful in dealing with these floods: which partnerships, which projects, which area-based processes, which knowledge platforms? And how can we expand these successful practices for cross-border cooperation in dealing with floods?

By: Henk Smit (Wing) & Jessica de Boer (Wing) 

B. Water & soil quality in relation to a changing climate

This workshop focusses on water and soil quality in a changing climate. What is needed to make water and soil systems climate proof? Participants will find out by playing a serious game where four countries are given the task of making their water and soil systems climate-proof. Cooperation is key!

By: Helga Post (Province Noord-Brabant) & Peter Ramakers (Province Noord-Brabant)

C. Shared action and participation

By experiencing the Meuse with a walk & talk workshop, we will go deeper into the topic of shared action & participation. For the river there are no borders. For the Eel fish there are no borders. Yet to protect the river and the fish, as part of the EU targets and even for us human beings, we will have to grow shared (international) ownership.

By: Li An Phoa (founder Drinkable Rivers, co-founder Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse) & Damien Sonny (founder ProFish)

D. Floods and droughts in a changing climate

Due to climate change, we expect weather extremes more frequently for the future, and we can no longer rely on the seasonal pattern during the year. Within this workshop we want to discuss and map where critical locations are, what the problems are or will be and how they are inter-connected with each other. We aim for an integral view on floods and droughts in the whole Meuse catchment, i. e. mainstream and tributaries.

By: Dr. Bernhard Becker (Deltares, RWTH Aachen University) & Prof. Benjamin Dewals (Université de Liège)

E. MICCA initiative

The French company EPAMA has started a project to build a knowledge exchange and consultation platform on climate adaptation for the entire Meuse river basin. In this workshop, your contribution to its design is welcome. Is the network sufficiently visible? Do we know which measures we should take now and in the future? How can we help each other? How do we agree on this?

By: Maïté Fournier (Acteon Environment)