C. Shared action and participation

In the workshop Shared Action and participation, organised by Li An Phoa (founder Drinkable Rivers, co-founder Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse) and Damien Sonny (founder ProFish), a walk & talk activated the participants to go deeper into the topic of shared (international) ownership. For the river there are no borders. For the eel fish there are no borders. Hence, to protect the river and the fish, as part of the EU targets and even for us human beings, we will have to grow shared (international) ownership. Participants of the workshop concluded that shared (international) ownership can be achieved by including all stakeholders (local people, farmers, artists, future generations, and more). Moreover, focussing more on action and less on paper was mentioned as very important. Finally, participants identified the importance of setting small goals with a clear direction and simultaneously approaching these challenges with more empathy, more enthusiasm and more passion.