D. Floods and droughts in a changing climate

Due to climate change, we expect weather extremes more frequently for the future, and we can no longer rely on the seasonal pattern during the year. This workshop Floods and droughts in a changing climate was organised by dr. Bernhard Becker (Deltares, RWTH Aachen University) and Prof. Benjamin Dewals (Université de Liège). Participants discussed and mapped where critical locations are, what the problems are or will be and how they are inter-connected with each other. This mapping was done using LEGO as visualisation. The aim was to get an integral view on floods and droughts in the whole Meuse catchment, i. e. mainstream and tributaries. Some outcomes of the workshop were that water use, and the impacts of droughts and floods should be reduced, water quality should be improved (e.g. nitrogen), and water allocation should be coordinated. Next to that, participants identified the need for space for renaturation projects and water retention. The importance of collaboration between the different countries in managing floods and droughts was another important outcome of this workshop.